Diamond Mind Acupuncture

Diamond Mind Acupuncture

Health takes work.


We are focused on treating the root cause of the problem while methodically fixing it’s many branches.  All factors contributing to your main concern are considered in regards to the physical, emotional and spiritual components.  We take a whole body and holistic approach in order to provide the most appropriate care and to avoid the progression of illness.



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Diamond Mind Acupuncture serves Rockland County, Orange County and Bergen County.


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At Diamond Mind Acupuncture we treat a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions.

We specialize in working with:


Sports Injuries, Orthopedic Conditions and Pain Management

Reproductive Health and Fertility, both Female and Male

General Maintenance of Health and Preventative Measures

Pediatric Concerns and Wellness in Children with Disabilities


Please CONTACT US with your specific concern and we will be happy to assist in any way we can!




Used for over 5,000 years to heal everything from colds and headaches to broken bones and broken hearts.  Acupuncture facilitates the flow of Qi and blood through the body.  It is often used alongside tui na and other healing modalities.

Tui na

A medicinal massage originally used to put bones and ligaments back into place after martial arts training and wars.  Tui na loosens the body before acupuncture, yet is a marvelous and effective standalone treatment all by itself.


A modality of healing where an herb called Ai Yi, or Mugwort, is dried, pounded, rolled, and burned to introduce heat and yang into the channel system.  Moxabustion creates a gentle radiant heat that is soothing for cold hands, feet, or bellies.

Gua sha

Literally means “sand scraping”.  Gua sha is the pulling of a tool along the skin to move fluids and stretch tissues.  This pulling, in turn, creates light surface bruising.  Gua sha is great for reducing scars or wrinkles, detoxing, and maintenance of overall health.


A method of healing using the suction produced by small cups.  The cups lift the skin and underlying tissue and greatly increase the local circulation.  Cupping creates the iconic rings and circular bruises that can be seen on many athletes.


The practice of meditation is difficult to define; and even harder make a routine.  Although the experience of meditation is often seen as a solo pursuit, practice with a partner, or in a group, can create a different depth and state of mind.



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  • Initial Consultation

  • $135Appointment
    • 90 Minutes

  • Follow Up

  • $115Appointment
    • 60 Minutes


Diamond Mind Acupuncture can accept certain out-of-network insurance plans.

Please CONTACT US regarding your specific insurance policy to verify coverage.

Home visits are available in most parts of Rockland and Orange Counties.




What to Expect

      Each treatment is a full hour in length and begins with discussion and inquiry, followed by palpation of pulse.  Then, there is acupuncture which consists of the insertion of small, sterile needles into specific points, or gates, located on the body.  These points stimulate the movement of Qi and blood in the body to promote healing.  Alongside acupuncture, a treatment may include tui na, gua sha, and cupping.  The needles are withdrawn at the end of the treatment, and time is taken to breathe and reflect.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

      This depends, but not usually, as the needles are really very thin and often cannot be felt.  However this is question is subjective to each patient’s view, as some individuals are more perceptive to pain than others and may experience a stronger sensation from the acupuncture needles.  Eastern medicine makes use of many methods of healing, including gua sha, tui na, moxabustion, qi gong, meditation, and dietary advice.  In any case, there is always a way to facilitate healing with or without needles.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

      There are several theories to answer this question.  Particularly, eastern theories go into great depth about the movement of Qi in the body, and the numerous channels and paths it takes to travel.  Whereas, western science has studied the electrical impulses of the nervous system, conductivity of the fascia, and micro trauma to the body as being a factor.  Above all, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years with powerful effect and is arguably even more relevant to us today as we are living our lives.